Stargazing in Granville

Granville is naturally situated in one of the best places in New England to observe the night sky. It is far from major population centers and flanked by two mountain ranges, so that on a scale of 1 to 9 (1 being the best), Granville ranks a 2 on the Bortle Dark Sky scale. Granville is in the center of the dark patch in the middle of the state:

It is best to observe a couple hours after sunset and to let your eyes adjust for 20 minutes. Turn off any nearby lights and if it happens to be a clear night (even better with a new moon) you will see a spectacular sky where the milky way appears so vividly, you’ll see it with breathtaking clarity:

Some recent guests took this photo with just a regular iPhone, but if you zoom in, it shows the density of stars of the sky:

Try walking up to the top, bring along a flashlight, camp chair (and maybe a beer or glass of wine) and just sit back and enjoy!

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