Heaters, Stove, HRV, etc.

Main Heater (left of kitchen sink, under counter):

To control, use panel on front, under plastic cover.

  • To increase heat, push “>” until desired temperature.
  • To decrease heat, push “<”until desired temperature.
  • If you are using the gas “wood” stove, set heater for 64* and it will go off once the stove has warmed up past 64* automatically.

NOTE:  Please leave it at 64-68* when you leave.


To control, use remote on wall above sofa (to left of big window).

  1. Push “MODE” on remote to turn on/off.
    If you hear a loud, gushing sound, turn off and restart. (You may have to push twice to turn off).
  1. Do NOT place anything flammable ON or near stove!
  2. DO NOT BURN WOOD IN STOVE. It will ruin it!!!

Radiant floor heaters (mudroom and bath): 

To be effective, they should be set to 80*.  The floor tiles will warm up and dry things left laying out or hanging up.

Air Exchanger:

The cabin is “super insulated” so an air exchanger operates for 20 minutes each hour, 24/7 to replenish the interior with fresh air. Control is in mudroom closet, but please leave on. Light on control should be yellow.

Water Filter: Clearwater Filtration

The cabin is equipped with a water softener and filtration system. The well water is fine to drink, but has a high iron content and so it needs to filtered so that it does not affect the appliances. We test it periodically, but have never had any negative results.