Check Out LL


Please remember to leave 10 minutes or so to make sure the cabin is secured and safe for the next renters. We hope you had a great stay, but please complete the following before your 11am departure:

  1. Please either strip the bed, or leave unmade. (Otherwise the housekeeper may think it is clean.)

  2. Close and lock all lower windows and but you can leave upper bedside window ajar. (In the summer, it’s okay to leave windows open.)

  3. Feel free to put trash into barrel in basement, but housekeeper can also do this. (Code is your last 4 digits of phone number used in reservation, then hit “return”.)

  4. Turn off the gas fireplace in living room (Use remote under stair window). NOTE: Pilot light should always be on.

  5. Leave main heater on (61-64*) as well as floor heater in bath rooms (70-80*).

  6. Make sure hot tub and gas grill are both covered.

  7. Turn off interior lights (except outdoor motion and exterior entry lights).

  8. Close sliding door, lock by turning key counter-clockwise (You may have to slightly adjust door to get lock to engage.) Then put key back into lock box for the next guests.


Thank you, have a safe trip home & please come back!

 Jeff, Ronni and Lily