Little Loft Tips

Some helpful pointers and ideas to help you to better enjoy the loft:

  • Keep sliding door key in lock box. (That way, you always have a way to get in.)
  • There is NO cabin phone, so make sure to set your phone up for “wifi calling” BEFORE you come to Vermont. (Most cellular service providers require you to be connected to their network for this be activated.)
  • Be careful driving at night, especially thru the Granville Gulf on RT 100. Moose frequent this area and are very hard to see. Drive slowly and if you see one in the road, honk your horn. They use their hearing more than their sight.
  • Turn heat down at night well before going to bed. Heat rises and loft can get too warm. NOTE: We often leave the awning window by the bed open for fresh air all day and night. There is also a small fan which is helpful. (AC in summer, too!)
  • To unlock basement door, touch the blank faceplate to light up keypad, enter code (sent to you via email) and then hit “return” button on the bottom right (see picture). To lock from the outside, just pull the door closed. No need for code, as it will automatically lock. (This is a great place to store gear bags, ski boots, etc. as it is heated and you will then free up space inside the cabin.):






  • In the event of a power loss, there are battery powered lanterns on top of the refrigerator. The main heater will NOT work, but you can heat the cabin using the gas “wood stove” fireplace. Do not use the hot tub until power is restored and please make sure it is covered completely. There is spare water in the basement in blue jug under work bench.
  • Coffee table lifts up to become “dining” table:

  • Fireplace controlled by remote control by stairs under window. NOTE: Pilot light is always on.





  • During power outage, kitchen stove will work, but needs to be lit using match or lighter.
  • The water is fine to drink.  It is from a 320’ deep well and filtered. See water test results: HERE
  • The hot tub runs periodically to filter the water and it will turn off on it’s own.
  • Upstairs window is often slightly ajar to let in fresh (and cool) air. Turn down heater before bed, otherwise it can get too warm in the loft.
  • Keep bath floor heater at 85* (winter) and 75* (summer) for best drying results.
  • Feel free to use anything in the fridge, condiments, olive oil, etc.
  • Pans are in corner cabinet under stove.
  • Additional toilet paper, etc. may be on upper shelf in bath or in basement.
  • Propane tanks for grill are available at Granville General Store (“Coty’s” gas container) and Rochester Hardware (“Amerigas” container).
  • Cell service is only AT&T, but you can use internet if your phone is enabled.
    (Verizon service can be gotten if you drive to the top of Maston Hill Rd.)
  • In hunting season (Oct. to Dec. 15) wear red or orange while walking outside. Vests for people and dogs are in mudroom bag under cubbies.

  • Please note: Once you walk out into cow fields, you on our neighbors property. We encourage you to be respectful of their privacy and of course, courteous.
  • Internet network: “Little Loft” and code is: Chester88
  • Property Manager Dennis Rhoades: (802) 767-3372