WHITE RIVER Granville: “Newtons” (5 minutes, shallow, good for dogs and kids)

  • Take Rt 100 south for a mile and a half (just past “D’s Dog House”).
  • Look for curb cut on left directly across from “Newtons” farmhouse on the right. (1/4 mile after D’s Doghouse)
  • Turn left onto field and literally drive along field edge to bottom where you will see a trail. (May be grown over!)
  • Park so you not blocking path, and walk to river.
  • Best swim hole is ¼ mile down to the right at 2nd bend

WHITE RIVER Rochester: Peavine Dr., Rochester (15 minutes, great for dogs and people!)

  • Take Rt 100 south for 7 miles to Rochester.
  • As you enter Rochester, look for gazebo/pavilion on the right and turn right onto Peavine Dr. (Fire station will be on right.)
  • Go to the end and park by tennis courts and field.
  • Walk across big field to far right corner and look for river entrance in trees.
  • River is just 100 feet in.

WARREN SWIM HOLE (15-20 minutes, GREAT fun for teenager and adults!)

  • Head north on Rt 100 about ten miles and look for car parking lot on the left at bend in road about a mile before Main St., Warren. (If you enter Warren, you went too far.)
  • Walk in to the right for a couple hundred yards, dogs allowed.
  • Get there early as it is very popular!

Video (go to 4:15 for Warren and Lareau footage)

LAREAU SWIM HOLE  (25 minutes, great for small kids and tweenagers): Head north on Rt 100 thru Warren and just in to Waitsfield.

  • Look for Lareau Farm (American Flatbread) on left and then large parking lot on right.
  • Park and walk into park, swim hole, just off Rt. 100.
  • No dogs allowed.


  • Rt 100 and Rt 107. $20/person, includes pick-up (20 minutes south, for older kids).
  • Nice comfy tubes, 2-3 hours, with some small rapids.
  • Park at WRT, get tube and hop in river right there!


  • Very big, beautiful pool of water to swim in below the falls.
  • A nice drive over Lincoln Gap Rd. from Rt. 100 by Warren.
  • Finish your day with dinner at the Bobcat Cafe, but make reservations… it’s good and people know!


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