Movie Theater and Stereo

Projector Manual

Projector (fixed in place and does not retract:

Screen (over window seat):

To Watch DVD’s: 

  1. Lower screen over window seat until just touching the cushion.
  2. Turn projector on with LG remote.
  3. Turn amplifier on using Denon remote (or push power button on amp itself) and push “DVD” button on amp.
  4. Turn DVD player on using SONY remote (or push power button on device itself).
  5. Load DVD or APP and enjoy! (DVD’s are located in 3 small drawers under window seat.)
  6. NOTE: For best image, turn out lights and lower shades (if still light outside).

To Watch TV (YouTube Live TV, NetFlix, Amazon, etc.):

NOTE: We recently installed Roku with YouTube TV, so you can watch live television channels using this service. You can also use this to access Netflix, YouTubeTV, HBO, etc. for movies if you have an account.

  1. Lower screen
  2. Turn on stereo and push “TV” button
  3. Turn on projector using LG remote.
  4. Scroll with Roku remote to YouTube TV and to change channels (or push “Live TV” button).
  5. Use DENON stereo remote to control volume.

To turn off the projector (Please do NOT leave projector running unless you are watching a movie/TV. Bulbs have a short life and are very expensive):

  1. LG projector (Hold button for one second or hit twice, then after light turns off, fan will turn on, automatically.)
  2. After fan stops, projector has cooled. Please do not leave projector on unless you are inside watching a show.
  3. Turn off AMP/stereo.
  4. Raise screen by giving a quick tug, but do not let go while raising.


Press the “Help” button on the Universal remote.  It will walk  you through all the functions.  Be sure to sit next to the stereo and push the appropriate button.

Stereo should be set to “Blue Ray” for movies marked “DVD” w/ sticker.

DVD player should be on.

Projector should be turned on, but it takes a minute to warm up.

If remote batteries are low, look in mudroom closet on middle shelves.

STEREO (Manual):

Hooking up your phone/computer to the stereo via Bluetooth (using the remote):