Denali Hot Tub

Sundance Spas Manual

Please use care not to puncture the cover when shoveling snow off. Please use plastic shovels.

Also, DO NOT SIT ON THE COVER, OPEN OR CLOSED!  It will break the lifters!

NOTE: If not all jets are working, rotate large jet on the side of filter. It should turn off and then jets at all seats will work. (You may have to turn jets off to rotate.)

To open, undo two front latches (back latches are not used), then just grab handle on porch side and fold over, away from house.  Then reach under cover, lift up from middle and fold up until it stops.

To close, pull cover back over, then just fold over the other half and adjust.

NOTE: Be sure to undue the the front plastic clips first.  Then reattach when done.

The control panel is explained below (and in the renters guide).  It shows how to operate the jets, lights, etc.  It is very simple and feel free to adjust things to your liking.  Also, don’t worry if you think you left something on…  the jets will shut off automatically after twenty minutes and the light shuts off after one hour.  (Periodically, the tub turns on to filter the water, so don’t be concerned if you hear it going.)

To control the jets on the seats, there are two small levers on the top edges of the tub.  The two smaller levers will add air to the jet flow on the seats. The large jet on the side of the filter housing can be turned on or off by rotating either direction.


  1. First time using the tub, open cover and add shock, then wait 15 minutes. (Shock is in silver bowl over wood/gas fireplace.

  1. DO NOT SIT ON COVER or filter tray cover, either when up or on the side. It will break the lifters which are $300.

  1. Do not use glass while in the tub… plastic cups are over stove fan.

  1. Use care when shoveling snow off top. Use plastic shovel. The cover can tear and they are $500.

Thank you and please use care when exiting not to slip, and place cover over top.

Manual for Sundance Alicia