Cell Phone Service

AT&T tower is just 1 mile from the cabin, so AT&T service is great.

Verizon service only works outside the Rochester/Granville area (Bethel and Warren/Waitsfield), so be sure to set up “wifi calling” before coming to the cabin.

  • Sometimes you can get service at the top of Maston Hill Rd.
  • Sometimes Verizon works in Rochester, but best results are in Warren/Waitsfield.
  • You can use the cabin internet to text and make phone calls on your cell, but you need to set your phone up beforehand (when you are connected to your provider.)

Romantic Retreat has a cabin phone which is free and available for all US calls. NOTE: You should set up wifi calling before coming to the cabin. For I-phones, you must be connected to your provider’s network, otherwise it won’t set up: