Little Loft TV and Gas Stove


To Watch TV (YouTube Live, NetFlix, Amazon, etc.):

NOTE: It is a “smart tv”, so you can watch live television channels using YouTubeTV. Just use remote to scroll and select service. You can also use this to access Netflix, Amazon, etc. for movies.

  1. Turn on TV using remote.
  2. Press “Home” button and scroll to Apps
  3. For major networks and channels, go to “YouTubeTV”

Gas Stove: Use remote control by stairs just under window.

Please leave remote on wall and use it to turn stove off and on and to adjust flame.:

To operate, press and hold “ON” button until you hear and/or see flames. To turn off, press and hold “OFF”

Pilot light is always on, so please don’t turn off. Only use dial on side of stove if an emerancy.

Make sure that there is nothing flammable on or next to the stove. You can safely leave mittens and gloves on soapstone shelf above stove, tho. Call if any questions.