Romantic Retreat Tips

Some helpful pointers and ideas to help you to better enjoy the cabin:

  • To unlock door, hit any button to light up keypad, enter code (four digits I emailed to you) and then hit “Ultraloq” button on the bottom. To lock (from the outside), close door then just hit “Ultraloq” button (no need for code).

  • Be careful driving at night, especially thru the Granville Gulf on RT 100. Moose frequent this area and are very hard to see. Drive slowly and if you see one in the road, honk your horn. They use sound more than their sight.

  • If any problems, call Jeff for keybox code which has mechanical key to door.

  • Please do not place luggage on the beds. We have never had bed bugs and we hope to keep things that way!

  • In the event of a power loss, there are battery powered lanterns at various places (mud room and in kitchen), as well as headlamps in cubbies. Spare batteries may be found in the mudroom closet. The kitchen heater will NOT work, but you can heat the cabin using the gas “wood stove” fireplace. Do not use the hot tub until power is restored and please make sure it is covered completely. There is water in the mudroom closet, as well as in the basement.

  • Gas fireplace controlled by remote above sofa. (If you hear a loud, air gushing noise, push twice to turn off, then turn on again.) If not turning on, check switch on back of stove.

  • During power outage, kitchen stove will work, but needs to be lit using match or lighter.
  • The water is fine to drink.  It is from a 320’ deep well and filtered. (See water test results below.)

  • The cabin has an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) air exchanger, which runs 24/7/365 to replenish the cabin with fresh air while drawing out any stale air. You may notice a slight draft from the vent by the circular stairs.

  • The hot tub runs periodically to filter the water and it will turn off on it’s own.

  • Upper motorized windows are controlled by panel over window seat on right. In summer, we usually keep one (or all) open, to allow fresh air. Open all three if it’s warm and use fan!

  • In winter, keep bedroom doors (and interior window) closed to keep from overheating at night, but open doors and windows in summer to allow for cooling.

  • Keep mudroom & bath heaters at 85* (winter) and 75* (summer) for best drying results.

  • DVD’s are in several small drawers under window seat.

  • Feel free to use anything in the fridge, condiments, olive oil, etc.

  • Pans are in oven drawer, corner cabinet next to stove, over green pantry and hanging on pegboard and over sink.

  • Additional toilet paper, etc. may be in storage closet in mudroom.

  • Phone here is available for all US calls.  Cell service is only AT&T, but you can use internet.
    (Verizon service can be gotten if you drive to the top of Maston Hill Rd.)
  • In hunting season (Nov. to Dec.) wear red or orange while walking outside. Vests for people and dogs are in mudroom bag under cubbies.

  • Feel free to hike/walk on our trails, but please respect our neighbors. Use caution around cow fences and do not disturb cows. It is a mild shock if you grab with bare hands. (Look for green circular trail markers.)

  • Snowshoes are located in shed during the winter. Feel free to use them.

  • Badminton, tether-ball and volleyball gear are in shed. Air pump is also in shed. (Please don’t use in the winter.)

  • Wood for firepit is on the side of the shed or can be gathered from woods throughout property, but be sure to keep fire contained. Saw and kindling may be found hanging in shed, but please return there. Feel free to use pieces of cardboard for starting, too. Hose is on driveway side of house if needed to control fire.

  • Internet: “Young Cabin” and code is: 8027671147

  • Phone here is: (802) 767-1147

  • Property Manager Dennis Rhoades: 767-3372

  • Jeff Young cell: (617) 510-5754

  • Granville Maps:

  • Hooking up your phone/computer to the stereo via Bluetooth (using the remote):

Water Test Results from May 2021 (under the most strict testing for the state of Vermont, our water passed well with-in all allowable EPA standards and is excellent in quality!):