Windows, Washer/Dryer, etc.

Upper windows in living room (motorized):

To control, use keypad on right side wall of window seat.

  • To open all windows, just push “open”.
  • To open just one, push “1” (“2” or “3”), then “open”.
  • To open one just a little (ie-for the wood stove), push “1”, “open”, then “stop”.
  • To close, just push “close”.


NOTE:  In the summer, I like to leave at least one window open, sometimes all three if it’s hot.  There is a rain sensor, so no need to worry about water.



Follow numbers on front of machines. 

Please clean dryer filter and keep bath door ajar when on.

Detergent is by toilet.


Motion lights: 

Switches are marked and located above regular switches.

NOTE:  Sometimes the wind turns them on, so you may turn them off, if you would like.  Please turn back on before departing.



By driveway in barrel.  Spread around as needed.  Snowplower usually sands after plowing.