BBQ’s, Fire Pits

Romantic Retreat:

BBQ Grill (outside on deck, tools inside grill):

Gas line is from 500 gallon underground tank, so no refill needed.

  • Check valve on deck side and see if turned on.
  • Turn burner on
  • Ignite using button or matches

NOTE:  In winter, the gas may be off at the base of the deck behind the grill, but feel free to turn on to use.



Outdoor firepit: 

Firepit is on the left edge of the patio. There is kindling inside and firewood stacked on the side of the shed for your use as well as downed wood throughout the property. Feel free to forage for twigs, etc. and feel free to use the cardboard inside the shed. Make sure it is safe to burn and always extinguished when done. Do not leave fire or grill unattended.

Little Loft:

BBQ Grill
(spare propane tank is next to grill)

Fire Pit

Wood is usually stacked on patio, under stairs, but feel free to use whatever downed wood is on property. Please DO NOT MOVE fire pit off of fire bricks. They keep the heat from damaging the underground wiring on the patio.