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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus update:

Vermont and it’s people have done a tremendous job of curtailing the coronavirus. It maintained the lowest rate of infection and it now boasts the highest rate of vaccination for the entire US. Because of this outstanding effort, the governor, Phil Scott, has lifted all state mandated COVID restrictions.

Things are now much less restrictive as over 80% of the population has been vaccinated. Most restaurants are now allowing indoor dining and outdoor activities no longer require masks. We still suggest that you bring a mask, as some stores may request that you wear one. You should also bring your vaccination card, as some restaurants may require it for entry. Federal laws still apply and vulnerable people need to be protected. Courtesy goes a long way and respect for others is always a good thing 🙂

The Romantic Retreat is equipped with a built-in HRV air exchange system (Heat Recovery Ventilator) which runs for 20 minutes, every hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Little Loft has two powerful exhaust fans which can rapidly remove air. This extracts the indoor air and replenishes it with fresh outdoor air several times a day. And outdoors, there are over 10 acres to enjoy for walks, etc.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience. We want everyone to be safe, but know that we need places where we can escape. It is an unprecedented time for us all, but because of everyone’s help, we are getting through this. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions as we want you to have a great stay in Vermont!

Jeff, Ronni and Lily

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Welcome to our cabin(s) in Vermont! This is where you can find out more information and maybe even discover some fun new things to explore. This guide is a good starting place, but by no means covers all there is to offer in this amazing area and state. Feel free to let us know what else you may discover and click here for some helpful CABIN TIPS.

Important numbers can be found here: EMERGENCY NUMBERS

Just remember, be careful driving… especially at night. The roads are dark and moose often walk down the middle as if they own them. They may be big, but they are very hard to see and hitting one could be disastrous. To see one, it’s best to drive up the Granville Gulf early in the morning. Drive slowly… pull over, and enjoy the view.

Lastly, please don’t forget that there are several residences nearby and sound travels… night and day! Please do not play loud music and/or shout as it will be heard by our friends/neighbors… thank you!

Stargazing in Granville

Granville is naturally situated in one of the best places in New England to observe the night sky. It is far from major population centers and flanked by two mountain ranges, so that on a scale of 1 to 9 (1 being the best), Granville ranks a 2 on the Bortle Dark Sky scale. Granville is in the center of the dark patch in the middle of the state:

It is best to observe a couple hours after sunset and to let your eyes adjust for 20 minutes. Turn off any nearby lights and if it happens to be a clear night (even better with a new moon) you will see a spectacular sky where the milky way appears so vividly, you’ll see it with breathtaking clarity:

Some recent guests took this photo with just a regular iPhone, but if you zoom in, it shows the density of stars of the sky:

Try walking up to the top, bring along a flashlight, camp chair (and maybe a beer or glass of wine) and just sit back and enjoy!

New “Barn-House” Under Way

In case you are wondering, we just started building another house up top. Its been a dream since we bought the property in 2005 and we are finally getting to do it! The views and the privacy will be great and we hope to use this for a good part of the time as our house. We bought an old barn (dated: pre 1860), so Jeff and some local contractors are working to turn it into a house. It will be available for rent when we aren’t there, so look for updates!

Awaiting warmer weather
Barn’s former home in Newbury, Vermont
Coming 2023?
Jeff framing the foundation
Computer rendering

Love is in the air

Out of our last five rentals at the Little Loft, we have had one honeymooning couple and three engagements. It makes us very happy to know this is happening here as it means our cabin is both inspiring and now, thanks to so many new beginnings, inspired, too!

New Construction up Top

There’s some new construction going on up top as Jeff and his assistant Rob are building a new garage. It will provide some much needed storage space for tools and equipment. Feel free to walk up and take a look, but please do not climb on any ladders or staging!

New fire pit at the Little Loft

We recently added a fire pit to the Little Loft patio. It is located on the lower stone patio, safe from causing any fires and allowing for some nice views while relaxing. (We ask that you leave it where it is, as the fire bricks keep the heat from damaging our underground wiring.) And please, in NO CASES place it on the upper deck. The heat would melt the Azek decking and cause some major damage. Firewood can be found under the deck and throughout the property, but you may want to bring some newspaper/paper for kindling. Thank you and enjoy!

Favorite ski runs of New England tribute

Our new privacy screen allows for each cabin to enjoy both the desired seclusion/privacy and access to our wooded trails. Made from local rough sawn lumber, Jeff took signs he made to name former campsites and created a tribute to his favorite ski trails while growing up. Can you identify which resorts/mountains where these trails are from? There are eight different trials and one lift (former T-bar, now replaced with a chair). Have fun hiking and making your guesses!

Patio and Deck Season is Here!

With spring here and summer coming, the longer days make grilling on the patio and eating on the deck easier and more fun. We get tons of afternoon sunshine which make for relaxing and spectacular dining. Stop by at nearby North Hollow Farm, Rochester on Rt 100 for some of the most amazing meat, especially the hamburger! (Also available at Macs Market in Rochester.)

New Year, New Sign…!

With two cabins now available for rent, I made and installed a new sign (with Chester) at the driveway fork. Hopefully this helps avoid any confusion, but please note the name of your cabin and/or check your directions to be sure, thanks!

Trail Blaze Markers

Look for the circular green arrows now marking the trail thru the woods and out into the fields. Please note that once you go thru the woods, the open fields are owned by our neighbors. Treat them with the respect they deserve and a smile.