Welcome to our cabin(s) in Vermont! This is where you can find out more information and maybe even discover some fun new things to explore. This guide is a good starting place, but by no means covers all there is to offer in this amazing area and state. Feel free to let us know what else you may discover and click here for some helpful CABIN TIPS.

Important numbers can be found here: EMERGENCY NUMBERS

Just remember, be careful driving… especially at night. The roads are dark and moose often walk down the middle as if they own them. They may be big, but they are very hard to see and hitting one could be disastrous. To see one, it’s best to drive up the Granville Gulf early in the morning. Drive slowly… pull over, and enjoy the view.

Lastly, please don’t forget that there are several residences nearby and sound travels… night and day! Please do not play loud music and/or shout as it will be heard by our friends/neighbors… thank you!

And please use snow tires in the winter. They do a great job plowing, but roads and driveway can be tricky during storms:

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